A Powerful Voice For The Broken And The Hurt...

joshua david, Faith Country - solo-artist/evangelist

When it comes to life and circumstances Joshua is no stranger to adversity. At a young age his mother and father divorced, shortly thereafter his mother was incarcerated, his father was abusive, he was raised by his grandparents and bullied by his peers in Elementary school. He knew that things needed to change in his families lineage so Joshua made the choice to be different. He was saved at the age of 8 years old, baptized at 12 and preached his first sermon from the Bible at age 13 just a month after his birthday in December 1995. Joshua pastored churches across the United States of America for 19 years. 

Prior to his entering into full-time ministry Joshua lived nearly three years with the Browders of Hiltons, VA. The Browders are an internationally recognized family Southern Gospel group from Southwest VA and have had 13 number one songs as of January 2023. While living with the Browders Joshua helped with their ministry as a "roadie" and has remained close friends with them ever since they met. It was their influence upon his life and helped him grow and develop into the man he is today. 

In 2019 Joshua stepped away from full-time pulpit minstry. In 2020 he found himself in a very dark place, unsure if he would ever involve himself in ministry ever again. Joshua was beyond frustrated with "religion" and ventured into the world for a short time. 

Like the prodigal son he quickly came to his senses and realized the road he was on was heading towards a path of destruction. 

In August of 2021 his mother passed away suddenly, a few months later in Jay, Florida on a trip with the Browders Joshua was given a prophetic word from the pastor of the church he was visiting with his friends. 

God had spoken that his ministry would be restored but in greater ways that before. In January 2022 he met pastor Greg Locke and Evangelist D.R. Harrison. God used these two men to light a fire inside of Joshua that grows stronger with each passing day. 

Throughout 2022 the same prophetic word was spoken another 7 times by various strangers that he would meet throughout the year. 

Joshua began to experience a shift in his life and calling after visiting with Pastor Greg in February 2022. Rapidly after that he began to "receive" His ministerial voice once again. Since then he has grown as a man of God and has been fully restored. 

In July of 2022 Joshua began to work on his first solo recording project. Unsure at the time what the "title" would be Joshua began to select songs that had ministered to him personally during his darkest trial. In September 2022 Joshua experienced the freedom that comes from being delivered of demonic bondage. 

It was then he knew what the title of his album would be. "Delivered." It is Joshua's prayer that his work will bless your life and that you will experience the freedom that comes through deliverance. 

Joshua's passion for Gospel Music is rooted deep within his background. His grandparents at one time had a group that begin in the 70's called "The Traveling Family Quartet." Joshua's grandmother on his mother's side was a 3rd cousin to the late June Carter Cash in Hiltons, VA. 

Joshua is passionate about that Country Gospel Sound and he cannot wait for you to experience everything that God has in store. 

Ultimately,  he wants to point you back to Jesus, the one who Died on the Cross and rose again the third day,  Jesus Christ.