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Preparing For Spiritual Battle On A Daily Basis Requires The Full Armor Of God 

Preparing For Spiritual Battle 

Original Author Pastor Jason Boggs, Revised, And Updated, And Adapted 

Almighty Heavenly Father, Your Warrior Prepares For Battle. 

Spiritual SwordToday I claim in the name of Jesus Victory over satan by putting on the whole armor of God! 

In Jesus Name I Put On… 

The Girdle of Truth! 

 May I always stand firm in the truth of YOUR WORD so that I will NEVER Be A Victim of Satan’s Lies. 

I Put On The Breastplate of Righteousness! 

May it always guard my heart against evil so that I will always remain pure, holy, protected, and undefiled under the perfect, ever-cleansing blood of Jesus Christ! 

I Put On The Shoes of Peace! 

May I always firmly stand in the Good News of the Gospel so Your Peace will shine through me and be a light to all I encounter. 

I take the Shield of Faith! 

May I be ready always for Satan’s fiery darts of all doubt, denial, and deceit so that I will never be vulnerable to spiritual defeat. 

I Put On The Helmet of Salvation! 

May I always keep my mind completely focused on You so that satan will never have a stronghold on my thoughts or the thoughts of my family. 

I Take The Sword of the Spirit! 

May the two-edged sword of Your Word always be ready in my hands and mind so that I can accurately expose the tempting words of satan my enemy. 

By Faith, Your Warrior Has Put On And Will Always Keep On The Whole Armor of God! 

I am always prepared to live this day and each day following in Spiritual Victory! In Jesus Name, Amen!! 

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, I Command that there will never be any transfer of spirits to me. I draw a Bloodline between myself, my family, and every evil spirit by/in/ and through the BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE POWER OF HIS NAME! Amen. 

Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus your son and my Savior, I bind and break all witchcraft, curses, spells, and all powers associated with it through the Perfect, ever-cleansing Blood of Jesus, The Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. I destroy through Jesus the works of every witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, familiar spirits, generational curses, and any/all powers of darkness I may be unaware of in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!